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Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly also vetoed a measure to require more reporting from abortion providers and what she called a "vague" bill making it a crime to coerce someone into having an abortion. more
Two sisters found they had different recollections of a traumatic childhood experience and learned that human memory is a lot less reliable than we tend to think. more
Female doctors-turned-patients share their insights about why women’s symptoms are so often dismissed – and how to fix it. more
By Jazmin Orozco Rodriguez In Matthew Roach’s two years as vital statistics manager for the Arizona Department of Health Services, and 10 years previously in its epidemiology program, he has … more
Struggling with recurring tonsil stones? Don't worry. We've got you. Learn how to prevent tonsil stones naturally with easy tips in our comprehensive blog. Get rid of bad breath and discomfort - … more
Drugmakers make big profits in the U.S. But many pay taxes far below the 21% corporate tax rate. Pfizer's effective tax rate is so low it's getting a big refund despite booking $59 billion in … more
Recently published data from a survey conducted in Washington State among teenagers and adolescents indicates a decline in both past-one-month and lifetime use of cannabis in the past few years, … more
Pioneering disease investigator and beloved global health mentor Joel Breman died on April 6 at the age of 87. Breman was part of the team that investigated the first known Ebola outbreak in 1976. more
So far this year, the U.S. has seen more than 120 cases of the highly contagious disease — more than double the cases for all of 2023. Still, chances of widespread transmission remains low. more
The New York-based mental health company also announced a measurement-informed system to help providers transition to value-based care. more
Zoned Properties (OTCQB: ZDPY), a technology-driven property investment company for emerging and highly regulated industries, is focusing on seizing direct-to-consumer real estate opportunities in … more
Turbo Energy (NASDAQ: TURB), a photovoltaic energy company based in Spain, is strongly positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for photovoltaic energy storage systems in the European Union … more
The feature provides vibrotactile stimulation when a patient is experiencing freezing of gait, a common symptom of Parkinson's disease. more
Bravo (OTC: BRVO) is a company actively exploring opportunities in the entertainment, hospitality and technology sectors to generate long-term value for its shareholders through high-growth business … more
Miami-Dade County had proposed rules that would give workers breaks, water, and shade when it's too hot. But a new state law prevents cities and counties from doing that. more
CMS released a proposed rule this week that would boost hospitals’ inpatient payment rates by 2.6%. Hospitals groups have swiftly denounced this plan, arguing that this payment update is … more
The transition to menopause is a natural and normal part of life, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In the years before and after your menstrual period stops, you can experience hot flashes, night … more
Within the first 3 months of 2024, the U.S. surpassed the total number of measles cases recorded in all of 2023. Could the nation break a record this year? Here's what to know. more
Upstream, a MERJ Exchange market and trading app, today published a blog article that discussed common investment difficulties for issuers and how Upstream Exchange is helping solve these challenges. … more
Emulsifiers don’t necessarily equal junk food. Such substances can be found in many foods that are often considered healthy, such as some low-fat Greek yogurts, trail mix bars, or oat milk. more
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