BookTrib’s Bites: Four More Diversified Titles to Enjoy


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Room-By-Room Setups That Cater to Cattitude“Room-By-Room Setups That Cater to Cattitude”
by Tanya Smith       

Organizing the home can be difficult, especially when you’re being watched or judged by one or more cats. With this book, you can learn to use various features of the home to provide fun setups for your cat family. If you're a cat parent looking for ways to add safety and entertainment for indoor cats while adding convenience for humans, this book is for you.  

Providing picture-filled illustrations, this book shows how you can: learn ways to add comfort, safety and entertainment features for indoor cats; organize rooms in a cat-friendly manner; create window setups that can work for both mellow and energetic cats; make it easy for cats to sit in comfort as they stare at the neighbors; and more.

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Summer of No Rain“Summer of No Rain”
by Laura Hunter  

“In this YA novel,” writes Kirkus, “a multiracial girl finds herself the subject of strange medical experiments in rural Alabama. It’s the summer of 1968. Heat and drought have dried out the fields around Hyssop, where 12-year-old Margaret Ann Odom lives with her Black Cherokee mother, M’dear.”  

“The medicine causes Margaret Ann to feel depressed, but the truth is even darker than she can imagine. The majority of the book is narrated by Margaret Ann, and Hunter gives her a poet’s eye for the world around her ... the novel is based on a true story, one that many readers likely have never heard of, and Hunter tells it in a way that highlights the horrors.”

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Curse of The Eagle“Curse of The Eagle”
by Michael E. Nathanson  

A work of “faction,” combining elements of history, a suspense thriller and modern-day reality.  

The Council of Practitioners of Jihad sounds the call for an unprecedented meeting. They have not officially met since the group’s formation 30 years earlier. Ultimately a unified, unstoppable military confrontation is planned.  

FBI agents Gerry Bolton and Jan Hanson track down clues to the murders of several high-profile government officials that share too many common details. FBI Special Agent Aziz Malawi probes into the underworld of terrorist activities in America. He is drawn by chance into a very dark world and plunges into the workings of a large-scale terrorist operation in America. His FBI team must give him enough leash to get the job done, yet extract him before he becomes another victim.

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The Trouble with Miracles, Book 3“The Trouble with Miracles, Book 3”
by Stephen Steele  

The ancient secret of fusion energy is rediscovered in this breathless thriller and third book in the series, about the magic and mystery of the Easter Island statues.   Cyd and Alex return to Montana to settle down. Robert, a close friend working in Chile, turns up missing after recent earthquakes trigger strange lights coming from a volcano. Cyd and Alex go looking for him, and a harrowing adventure uncovers a civilization of ancient aliens who possess the secret to fusion energy, the same energy that powers the sun. An object is found in a lost city that explains the technology, but it is unreadable.  

Meanwhile, a journal from a sunken 18th-century Spanish galleon reveals something hidden on an island off Chile’s coast that can translate the alien object.

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