BookTrib’s Bites: Four Books to Steal Your Breath Away


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The Color of Ice“The Color of Ice”
by Barbara Linn Probst       

This is the breathtaking story of a woman’s awakening to passion, beauty and the redemptive power of unconditional love.  

Freelance photographer Cathryn McAllister travels to Iceland for a shoot with an enigmatic artist who wants to capture the country’s iconic blue icebergs in glass. Widowed young, Cathryn has raised two children while achieving professional success. If the price of that efficiency has been the dimming of her fire, she hasn’t let herself think about it. Until now.  

Cathryn abandons a planned vacation itinerary to remain with Mack, the glassblower, who awakens a hunger for all the things she’s told herself she doesn’t need anymore: Passion. Vulnerability. Risk. When her path seems clear, she’s faced with a shocking discovery -- and a devastating choice.

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The New Empire“The New Empire”
by Alison McBain   Fire. Blood. His brother’s hand smashing his face to the ground.    

These are Jiangxi’s final memories of Beijing from 1751. A bloody coup against the Dragon Throne thrusts the emperor’s youngest son into a forced voyage across the China Seas. When his ship arrives on the shores of a California that never was, Jiangxi is among thousands sold into slavery. Shackled to a tribal confederacy, Jiangxi’s journey becomes inextricably linked to the whims of Onas, the powerful Elder who controls his freedom and his fate.  

When Jiangxi gets caught up in a battle to liberate the slaves, he has to choose how much he’ll risk for the ones he loves. His choice will change the future of the two most powerful nations in the world.

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Civil Terror: Gridlock“Civil Terror: Gridlock”
by J. Luke Bennecke  

A thought-provoking thriller for fans of Dan Brown, Lee Child, and John Grisham about artificial intelligence and the self-driving revolution. You’ll be forced to consider how you’d react if you were cornered and trapped in a terrifying, life-threatening situation.  

Fed up with slogging through the treacherous LA traffic to get to work, Jake Bendel and a cunning team of experts create a roadway system for self-driving cars -- preventing thousands of traffic deaths. People finally feel safe in their cars. But should they?  

A Syrian terrorist group weaponizes the system and devises a scheme to kill more Americans in one day than the 407,000-plus U.S. soldiers killed in World War II. Then the group plants evidence that convinces the public Jake is the architect behind the heinous terrorist attack.

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Rough Justice“Rough Justice”
by Burt Weissbourd  

Callie and Cash are back, and their world is about to explode. Callie and Cash are eating a late dinner upstairs at her restaurant, “The Bronze Pig.” It’s been a year since they saved her ex-husband’s life and subsequently had to take on unexpected, lethal adversaries. During that process, they discover they care deeply, romantically, for one another.  

So imagine their surprise when they get an unexpected, half-Algerian female guest, 25-year-old Sara, showing up at the restaurant and insisting on telling them her shocking, unbelievable story. Someone is trying to kill her, and they’ve stolen her identity. She needs their help now, and she has a stunning, life-changing secret to tell.  

Yet, again, Cash and Callie assemble their unconventional ragtag family to save Sara and, ultimately, their own lives.

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