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Red Chaos“Red Chaos”
by Ed Fuller and Gary Grossman         

In this third book in the Red Hotel series which reads like breaking news, Russian President Nicolai Gorshkov is one step closer to monopolizing the oil industry and funding his expansionism plans past Ukraine and Latvia. Russian-backed attacks have shut down the Suez Canal and other key shipping routes, making it nearly impossible for the West and the Middle East to transport oil.  

One man slips out of the shadows to stop Gorshkov’s maniacal plans: Dan Reilly, a freelance State Department and CIA consultant, who is drawn into a web involving the current American president, a United States senator, a Chinese businessman, and the death of a young girl.

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Against The Grain“Against The Grain”
by Anne Dimock  

Every small act of history is a drama of time, place and people. Welcome to Jamestown, New Jersey, where, in 1962-1964, six characters intersect in a conflict of change and complacency. During desegregation battles in the early 1960s, one African American family in a leafy NJ suburb experiences barriers more quiet and hidden than in the South.   When the oldest child, Fleur, a high school student, gets an after-school job in an upscale store on Main Street, she becomes the catalyst for change no one in her town expects. Some want to help her, others want to impede her and some end up doing both. Fleur learns the limits of trusting her future to others, while making and defending her own decisions.

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Cherry Bomb“Cherry Bomb”
by Willard Thurston  

An intellectually snobbish, would-be writer living in his employer’s treehouse. The exhibitionist thespian daughter of a beleaguered preacher. A “muscled mercenary thug” with little compunction for killing, whether for hire, vengeance or sport. A sinister Iranian-Russian plot to shuttle a nuclear artillery shell to America’s borders and elicit under-the-radar diplomatic concessions. What do they all have in common?  

A variety of characters, agendas and events head on a collision course toward each other with unexpected results. It’s a tragi-comedy of errors as plans are foiled, idealism and naivete bumble into danger and the wicked are stymied at every turn. Says Beth Kallman at Author Connections: “Taking an intellectual lens to the mayhem of modern society, these are raw, searing reflections of how time, competition and greed are eroding our collective moral compass.”

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Alphabet of the Invisible“Alphabet of the Invisible”
by Lev Green  

Our world is blessed with an array of color. Yet for all the color, visible light is a minute part of the much more broad electromagnetic spectrum. More than 99 percent of the electromagnetic spectrum is invisible.  

The same applies when we consider who each of us is as a human being. Appearance is very important. But of immensely greater importance are a large number of qualities that are invisible, as these qualities truly define who we are.  

Here you will find an alphabet of invisibility: 26 invisible qualities that define who we are. Each of the 26 qualities is not adjectival but instead a noun, as each is a powerful force. This is intended as a vehicle for learning and discussion.

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